About Us

This site grew out of my love and passion for fly fishing. As a teacher, coach and mentor, I wanted to share what I learned with others in the hope that my experiences and knowledge may help others fall in love with the sport that provides me with so much enjoyment.

Our Staff

Head of Security

Laura (My Bride)
"The real boss"

Chief Barking Officer

Uncle Jim

My Uncle Jim and I fishing off the jetty in Avon, NJ. Tons of Sea Robins.

My First Rod and Reel

Island Beach State Park in NJ. Windly day with lots of sand blowing. My Uncle Jim gave me his bamboo saltwater rod and Penn reel and I caught a blowfish. It was the start of it all.

My Mentors

My Dad (on the left) and my Uncle Jim (on the right) down the Jersey Shore crabbing in the backyard.